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| This Is Your Captain Speaking…
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Captain’s Millionaires’ 90-Day Transformation

Captain’s Millionaires’ Empowerment 90-Day Transformation

Free Your Mind, Transform Your Life

From Day One, your life will change for the better.  You are in control, in a way you have never before experienced. Guaranteed.
Nothing you have tried before comes close to eye-opening experiences you will see every day



The Captain has touched and changed lives, worldwide…

The Captain (Dr. G) has been on a mission to lift up people and their communities for over two decades. His books, seminars, and now 90-Day Empowerment Training are embraced by people in all walks of life.

Look at what people are saying about the impact of  Dr. G’s 90-Day Training

It’s been a long time since something has caught my interest. This course has caught my interest and my future is blessed.

Now my thinking has changed.
I called Dr. Gerald and shared with him something I was going through. He said something so profound. He said “the battlefield is in the mind, that’s where it is at.”  When he said that, I felt a release and something left me. I was self restored.  

Pastor Jerome Bracely
Stepping Into The Light, Inc. Ministry


Since I began taking The Captain’s Millionaires Club course I no longer have the excuse that no one told me. As I end the first thirty days of the course I now have direction as well as a vehicle to improve my quality of life.  Just by following The Captain’s principles I have returned to a man of action instead of procrastination and it has produced immediate results. Take action without delay, decisiveness equals performance, having and writing clear goals are just a few of The Captain’s principles that I now study and use on a daily basis. If the insight and knowledge of the next sixty days matches the last thirty, then I am well on my way to becoming a Millionaire.  Don.t miss out, no more excuses.

Millionaire In Training,

Kenneth A. Carr


I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to one of the most motivating , invigorating, exciting, and stimulating programs I’ve ever read in my life ( and I’m not finished yet ) it’s readings that’s really hard to put down that opens your mind and spirit on a totally different plateau and everything you write is definitely on a Christian perspective I have been truly blessed soldier for Christ.  

Derrick Crouch

St. Louis, Missouri


Begin your transformation!  Look at what happens in just 30 days, then you decide if you need these changes in your life.

On Days 4-5, here’s what you’ll learn:


Exercises will show you how to create solitude that shuts out the noise all around you – critically to listening to what your heart is telling you

By Day 15:

You will have learned to be Decisive. You will complete ACTION exercises  designed to compel you to take action.

And By Day 30:

Discover your intangible assets and how to use them to for your personal empowerment

Only 90 Days Until a Total Transformation to your New Millionaire’s Mindset and Manifestation


But, Captain Gerald wants to make a difference in your life, right now. So he’s giving you a free gift to get you in the right frame of mind to receive his 90-Day Empowerment Training.

Get you free gift, 31 Things You Need To Know To Become a Millionaire., simply by completing the form below